The main problem with most diets is that they’re loaded with carbohydrates. These high levels of carbohydrates lead to fat storage, making it difficult to lose weight. To help you replace carbohydrate-rich meals, we’ve created low carbohydrate meal replacement shakes and smoothies that help curb your appetite while also significantly reducing your overall carbohydrate intake. High quality meal replacement shakes also nourish the body by delivering easily digestible protein. This increase in protein intake helps your body repair muscle tissue and improves your metabolism. Our meal replacement shakes and smoothies are hand picked by our nutritional experts ensuring you receive the highest quality ingredients, delicious flavors and the best results!

Protein Shakes

Making sure you have the right consumption of protein is important to avoid over-training your muscles and possibly getting injured. The advantage of using protein shakes at this particular time (after workout) is that the protein reaches the muscles faster, because the body takes less time to digest a shake than solid foods. After working out is the best time to get a protein shake into your body, so that the protein can be delivered to your muscles faster and begin the healing process right away.

Cutting Edge Supplements (CES) goes beyond your expectations and was established to help you reach all your health and fitness goals. Here at CES we strive to carry high quality products and ll new products are tested by staff before being offered to you. We want to save you both time and money by finding the supplements that work, thus making it easier for you to choose one.