Not everyone works out to stay slim. In fact, many men regularly exercise to put on weight instead. If this describes you, you could be wondering the best course of action in how to achieve your goals. There are a lot of products on the market, all making claims as to what they can do. The biggest question boils down to whether you should take mass gainer or whey protein. Is there a difference?

Put simply, mass gainers have just one purpose – to gain weight. The high proportion of carbs and fats present in these mass gainers help bodybuilders and those who think they’re too skinny to attain their desired daily calorie intake. In fact, the major differences between whey protein and mass gainer is the number of calories obtained from each. This is because whey protein can be used for other nutritional goals that are not accompanied by the desire to take in a lot of extra calories.

Whey protein, on the other hand, is a supplement which not only benefits bodybuilders and athletes trying to put on weight but also average people just trying to stay healthy. Because it helps in increasing stamina and endurance, many average gym users take whey protein to lose weight. It does help bodybuilders achieve their potential by fueling up their muscles as well, which is why it can be taken by people trying to put on weight.

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