Cutting Edge Supplements is proud to serve the community in the greater Maryville area. We carry Foxy Fit supplements, specially made to meet women’s specific supplementary needs and personal health goals.

The Foxy Fit products distributed by Cutting Edge Supplements support women’s nutritional advancement and are designed to improve athletic performance. They also speed female  metabolism, even while you are asleep, thus helping you achieve your healthiest self.

Foxy Fit Supplements

Foxy Fit Supplements help you boost your metabolism rate, increase your energy levels, gently cleanse your digestive system, improve the quality of your sleep, magnify your health and curb your appetite. The Foxy Fit supplement line helps you lose weight 24/7, even when you are sleeping. Match your personal goals with the specific purposes of the following supplements:

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Protein for Her:

A meal replacement shake specially designed for women’s unique needs. Protein for Her is prepared with high quality ingredients which make for  a smooth, delicious taste without upsetting your stomach.

SheTox Natural Cleanse:

This non-laxative-based cleanse is the perfect balance between gentle and thorough. It renders the results you want without the side effects many cleansing products create. Shetox is designed to go gently through all of your vital processing organs and flush out all the toxins and impurities they accumulate. As a result, it will contribute to immediate weight loss along with improving nutrient absorption.

Oxy SHElite:

Is a metabolic formula designed to increase energy, boost metabolism and gently curb appetite. Oxy SHElite will get you to your weight-loss goals as fast as possible while improving your overall health.

Beauty Rest:

This supplement improves three key areas:

  • Increases metabolism while sleeping: burns additional calories and fat while sleeping.
  • Deep, restful sleep: helps you rest by assisting your body into deep REM sleep cycles with its relaxing formula.
  • Hair, skin and nails: using biotin and other natural beauty enhancing ingredients, this revolutionary formula will release your natural glow.

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