Are you unhappy with your weight? It seems like just about everyone wants to lose weight. Whether you “just need to lose a few” or know you have a serious weight loss journey ahead of you, it can be difficult to get started even when you know you need to.

As you probably already know, losing weight is often difficult. You get plenty of exercise and eat healthy foods just like the experts tell you to. But no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to shed the fat. Even when you do everything right, it can still be challenging to lose weight. If this sounds familiar, it can seem next to impossible to get started with a diet program, knowing how long it will take to see results. In order to stay motivated, try one or all of these helpful hints:

#1 Remind Yourself of Your Goals

Why are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to look better in a bathing suit, fit into a certain dress for a special occasion, or get your cholesterol down? Keep this in mind while it gets tough, especially if it’s health-related.

#2 Be Realistic

Remember to keep your goals realistic, that way you won’t be disheartened if you don’t reach them. Even if you have fifty pounds to lose, you won’t do it this week. Five pounds a month may be reasonable.

#3 Weigh Weekly to Track Your Progress

It will be much harder to stick with it, if you aren’t sure whether it is working or not. You won’t see results every single day, so set aside the same time every week, like Wednesday mornings, and weigh yourself. Seeing incremental progress will be a huge morale booster.

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