Increase your testosterone levels with  powerful  testosterone supplements that will help you reach your muscle-building goals faster and more effectively. This natural hormone has a huge impact on the growth of muscle mass and sex drive. Testosterone boosting supplements will also help you intensify your workout routines by combining them with the proper Protein SupplementsPre Workout & Post WorkoutSupplements.

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AlphaOne is the the perfect vitality solution for men over 30. At the age of 25, testosterone begins to slowly decline, which leads to lack of energy, loss in lean muscle and a new spare tire forming around the midsection.

AlphaOne will work with your body to reverse the hormone imbalance and increase your natural testosterone, while decreasing estrogen. The result is increased energy, a stronger ability to build lean muscle, more stamina and a higher drive and libido. AlphaOne also includes a strong metabolism booster that will help burn the stored fat.

AlphaOne is your male 24-hour solution to increase energy and change your body composition.


Never before has there been such a potent muscle-building stack without the harmful ingredients and side effects.
Anabolic Code is designed to maximize your training sessions and enhance your recovery, leading to insane gains and results. Allow Anabolic Code to unlock your genetic potential.


GROWTH ONE is a cutting-edge hormone support product that focuses on elevating your key muscle-building hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone.
Naturally, as you elevate these hormones, you’ll notice a substantial increase in energy, strength and stamina.
GROWTH ONE makes the perfect hormone support product in conjunction with other anabolics, and can even be used as a stand-alone product.


Increasing the body’s testosterone production is the most critical factor in building lean, dense muscle mass. Test Launch was explicitly created to have the highest quality, most potent formula available in a test boosting product.  By opening the pathway to higher than normal test levels you create the potential of skyrocketing anabolic gains in the gym, and in the mirror!


Test Boost Evolution will Naturally Boosts Testosterone, Decreases Body Fat Levels, Suppresses Unwanted Estrogen, Gets You Stronger Than Ever Before, Increases Anabolic Potential Naturally, No Post Cycle Therapy Needed, Enhances Mass and Definition, and Boost Sex Drive!

Do you feel like you’ve been dragging lately? It may be more than just a tough week at work or the weather. Men over 30 often need testosterone enhancements, and not just for an extra edge working out. Testosterone makes you able to increase muscle and stay lean as well. At the age of 25, testosterone begins to slowly decline, which leads to lack of energy, loss in lean muscle and a new “spare tire” forming around the midsection.

Cutting Edge Supplements is your one-stop-shop for all testosterone boosters. We offer a full range of supplements that aid in increasing your testosterone while also helping you lose weight.

Testosterone Booster Benefits:

  • Alpha One
  • Anabolic Code
  • Growth One
  • Test Launch
  • Test Boost Evolution
  • Free Test
  • Atomic One
  • Phase III
  • Monster+Aromastim
  • D-Aspartic Acid Singularity

The testosterone enhancers found at Cutting Edge Supplements provide a variety of advantages. They boost energy, boost strength for longer and more productive workout sessions, block estrogen, improve sex drive, lower body fat, and add muscle much faster than without.

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Do you think that building muscle depends on eating right, training hard and recovering as quickly as possible? If you’re like most athletes, you do…but have you ever stopped to wonder why so many athletes do everything right, but STILL don’t gain even one ounce of muscle? The truth is that while training hard, eating right and recovering quickly are important for gaining muscle, TESTOSTERONE – the muscle building King – is responsible for how much muscle you can build, and while your body naturally produces a lot of testosterone, most of it is either quickly deactivated, or converted into estrogen.


Atomic One will boost your testosterone  plain and simple. The benefits of testosterone are endless, you will build more muscle, burn more fat, have more energy, have a stronger sex drive, and perform better at the gym.


Phase III by Tri-Pharm was designed to skyrocket your muscle-building hormone production during sleep so that you have more testosterone and growth hormone. Boosting these hormones will give you powerful results: you’ll be bigger, stronger, leaner, and you’ll rest better and recover more quickly.


MONSTER is a powerful 2 stage compound designed to add mass and strength allowing any athlete to feel like its name! The key ingredients in  MONSTER have been suggested to increase & replace Testosterone, subsequently creating freakish strength and muscular growth. MONSTER continues your athletic transformation by building your appetite allowing you to consume more calories to feed the beast you have become.


D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid present in neuro-endocrine tissues of humans and plays a role in the synthesis of both luteinizing hormone and testosterone. This is important because luteinizing hormone is secreted by the body and signals the release of testosterone from the testes. Recent clinical studies have shown D-Aspartic Acid to naturally boost testosterone levels by 42% in as little as 12 days.