Sugar is known to be not only addictive, but potentially dangerous. It can lead to many serious health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, headaches, tooth decay, and much more. Consuming great amounts of it can actually be as hard on your liver as alcohol. We have all heard these things, but quitting sugar can be as hard! Here are a few facts to keep you motivated:

#1. You Will Reduce Your Chances of Developing Diabetes

You can cut your chances of developing diabetes nearly in half by staying away from sugary drinks. This means cutting out sodas (even diet!) and fruit juices, and sticking with water as much as possible.

#2. Your Mood Will Improve

A better mood is not something you might experience right away when you quit sugar, but once you are over the worst of it, you will begin to feel much better. In fact, studies have shown those who drink several cans of soda a day and eat a diet heavy in sugary snacks are much more likely to be depressed. Cutting out the sugar reverses this.

#3. Your Sleep Will Start to Improve

Sleeping well at night will become much easier by lowering or cutting out sugar. Many people consume sugar late into the afternoon and at night and then wonder why they can’t fall asleep when it is time for bed!

#4. You Will Lose Weight

When sugar is consumed, insulin production increases. Insulin, in turn, prohibits the body from using fat as a fuel while converting sugar to fat and weight gain is the result of the whole process. The more your sugar consumption, the less ability you have to burn fat because your body is burning that sugar instead.

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