Always knows what I need to reach the next goal. Friendly and knowledgeable very hard to beat this place.

Lucas Pearson |

Great products. I’ve never found anything that has worked so well for me. Staff is very friendly and very helpful. Have recommended them to several people.

Missy Watson |

I absolutely love the Thermo Switch. The Night allows me to feel like I have slept 8 hours even if I may have only slept 6 hours. I highly suggest it.

Deanna Harker DeVolld |

I love the thermo switch I feel like I have energy and I’m not wanting to eat al day…

Jan Craig |

LOVE Showcuts fruitsicle pre-workout! Best place to go for supplements!! Awesome staff, too!

Carla Pipes |

Awesome supplements, knowledgeable staff, huge gains! I even ordered supplements on Friday at noon and they were in my mailbox on Saturday!

Tristan Klinginsmith |

Great staff the only place i go to get the top of the line supps.

Steven Montgomery |

Great store and they know their products. Willing to help you find the right stuff.

Justin Thomas |

The thoughtful and knowledgeable staff are absolutely top notch. My husband and I have tried other shakes and supplements through multi-level marketing before (advocare, beachbody, etc.), but have never had success like we have with the Nutrithority brand from CES.

We’ve been at this 1 month, and have lost 10 inches and 15 pounds between the two of us!

When I first walked in, I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for, and the awesome staff at CES were SO helpful, and continue to help me find the right products time after time. They’re not just trying to make a sale for commission. They know what they’re talking about and I can’t believe our results.

Courtney Green |

Since I started using thermo switch with CES in chillicothe I’ve lost 20 in just couple months n plan to lose more this new year 2016! This is my new favorite store!!!

Amanda Hutchison |

The staff is friendly, helpful, & extremely knowledgeable. Every time I stop by I gain some new insight & tips on how to achieve my goals. Their product is quality and does what they say it will. I’m using the Foxy Fit proteins and supplements which are amazing! Prior to using them I was only able to lose about 2lbs. per week but since I’m pacing ahead of my goal at 5lbs. per week! Thank you CES!

Amanda K. |

Was hitting a plateau in weight loss and stopped in to see the guys at CES Kirksville. They hooked me up with Nutra One’s three stage detox product. After the 1 month cycle I was down 10 lbs and at my goal weight. They do a good job of understanding your goals and steering you in the right direction to get you there. Will definitely trust their expertise in the future.

Derek Weber |

Went in to visit the St. Joe store last night. Had the best visit with Andrea…she’s phenomenal! I was shopping for vitamins and protein, which I’ve been taking religiously. I was offered samples of liquid vitamins, two different kinds, and samples of several different brands / flavors of protein. I made a purchase for myself and my daughter on the protein, and a purchase of the liquid vitamins for myself and my husband. The liquid vitamins were buy one get one half off, so …that was a total bonus!! I’ll be going back for more products because the prices are great, they have a variety of inventory, and the staff are absolutely down to earth and we’ll educated on the products and how they can benefit you. And, I’m definitely going to try a smoothie the next time too…they were selling them like crazy and they looked great! If you’re looking for a friendly, knowledgeable staff, great prices, and great products, you NEED to check out CES on North Belt Hwy in St. Joe!!

Mary Brinton |

Before you go online or to some other poser health store, go talk to Desmond or Andrea at CES! Absolutely wonderful folks, Desmond and Andrea are the owners and hands down are the most knowledgeable in their profession! I was a college athlete and spent many hours in the weight room, on the ball field and in health stores looking for the right supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle! After meeting and talking to both Desmond and Andrea, I will not go anywhere else for any… of my supplement needs! Since walking into CES just one month ago, I have lost 10 pounds and added an unbelievably enormous amount of energy to my life! What I really like about the store and my new friends is every supplement that’s on their shelves or in their store is the best supplement available on the market today (yes I’ve done the research) and they sell it to you without the middle man mark up! Most importantly they stand by their products and hands down they have the best smoothies around. Go by and talk to them, the decision will change your life forever! Thanks for being great Desmond and Andrea, you guys rock!

Jeremy Hale |

CES is hands down the best place to get what you are looking for. I went in on day one of St. Joe store. I’m not going to lie I was skeptic at first and I took there advice. I started taking the Anabolic Bridge and Protein0ne and Show cuts and now after a month and a half. I’m down 35 pounds and I have built amazing muscle and I feel Great. I want to say a big THANK YOU to Desmond and Andrea. So as far as I’m concerned all my business will be done at Cutting Edge Supplements.

Kenneth Duff |

I’m down 52 lbs in 2.5 months using the Procore meal replacement and VitalityOne as my Breakfast/Post workout. The AlphaOne Testosterone System has given me a lot of energy and I can accomplish a lot more in a day and I sleep better as well. The increased energy and better quality sleep combined with the Procore meal replacement have helped to clean up my nutrition without having to feel hungry. I’m recovering from my workouts and feel great! Thank you CES for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate the professionalism and the expertise.

Steven D Brown, Kirksville, MO

I’ve bought protein from just about every place imaginable. From online retailers, to name brand chains and big box retailers. I’ve tried nearly every supplement on the market and have researched what’s in each product because I’m very particular about what I put in my body, so you could say I’m an informed customer. These people are extremely knowledgeable and honest. I rarely rate businesses on Facebook, but this one deserves it!

Derek Rooks

This place is awesome!!! The employees and owners have the best customer service ever they always greet you like they have known you for years. They have the best smoothies hands down and the Flex Pro meals are fantastic I only wish they did not sell out so fast. I will not buy protein powder, smoothies or meals any place else!!!

Amber B.

I absolutely LOVE CES!!!! I’ve been going there for over a month now (not too long) but they have yet to fail my fiancé and I. They let us try the proteins to make sure they tasted good, the gave us several samples of products we were interested in (which we loved), I was also interested in their meal replacements and did not like the samples they gave at first so they let me try new ones and found the perfect one!! Now I’m on their FoxyFit supplements and am so excited to start them tomorrow. Not to mention their delicious smoothies love love love CES! Excited to try some of their meals I bought today!

Millie K.

Before I first came through the door, I didn’t believe that high quality supplements were going to make me any better or allow me to see any better progress. Honestly, I was going to buy some cheap stuff online without any information or direction. I was skeptical to say the least. I quickly went from skeptical to believer thanks to Desmond! I started my weightlifting adventure about 2 years ago and have seen massive changes in my body. I have to thank Desmond for his expert advice he gave me on lifting and supplementation. I will forever buy my supplements from CES and I think everyone should come in and talk to the experts before buying online.

Nick M.

Been taking the alpha one testosterone system for a month and have a lot more energy throughout the day. I have lost eight pounds without even trying to lose weight. Thanks CES for this great supplement.

Nick C.